John Curry


Mr. John Curry has worked for the last twenty years in the Brevard County area with service organizations that cater to individuals impacted by Substance Use Disorders and HIV. His personal and professional life signifies the embodiment of leadership purposed to ensure high-risk behavioral populations receive the required services needed to improve their quality of life. With a keen understanding of coalition-building and community organizing, John realizes these are essential tools to seek organizational partnerships, which will enhance the referral practices necessary during treatment planning. As an Ordained Deacon of the MaxOut Church in Melbourne, Florida, John is a connection to Faith-Based entities in Brevard County. The 12 STEPS of Recovery, emphasize a Higher Power as a role in the recovery process. However, your definitive Higher Power isn't a requirement for services, or to remain clean and sober. Safe Place Treatment Services will offer a broad range of recovery practices geared toward the individual needs of the clients served. The mobile service will ensure all clients reached regardless of transportation.  Mr. Curry is quintessential of an individual purposed to help change the trajectory of lives in people suffering from the diseases of Addiction and HIV. John comes with the following accolades:

  • Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) under the Florida Certification Board, Mr. John Curry has also obtained a

  • Master of Art In Administrative Services, from Barry University

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services, from the University of Phoenix (UOP)

  • Associate of Arts in General Education from Eastern Florida State College

  • Certified Medical Marijuana Trainer form the Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University (FAMU)

  • National Mental Health Facilitator, by the College of Social Sciences at (UOP)

  • Certified HIV Testing & Counselor by the Florida Department of Health

  • Graduate of dual Cohorts with the Black AIDS Institute in HIV Science & Treatment as well as Community Mobilization.

Edward Green has experiences in management of faith-based recovery houses. As a recovering addict with many years of "clean-time" from all mind altering substances. Mr. Green has gained the  unique ability to Direct organizations specifically tailored to people who have become caught up in the cycle-of-addictions.


Edward Green

Director of Services


Perpetual abstinence for addiction by implementing learned tools of recovery to remain functional in today’s society.